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From: Drs. Michael & Barbara Grossman
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Does it sometimes feel like you're tippy toeing around in your relationship? Walking on eggshells? Trying to avoid the next guilt trip or shaming?


Would you like to feel more confident in satisfying your partners needs and getting yours met at the same time?


Are you ready to feel renewed romantic passion, to have more fun, more playfulness and a deeper partnership than you've had in years?


We need NEW SKILL SETS for this 



We expect so much more from romantic relationships now than we did 50 years ago, and this puts so much PRESSURE on us to be best friends, partners, lovers, soulmates, co-parents...all in the same relationship. It is an EXTRAORDINARY CHALLENGE!


These desires can seem absurdly contradictory when taken together, but also true. Some of what we want from our partner requires CLOSENESS and STABILITY, yet at the same time another dynamic requires DISTANCE and MYSTERY.

  • The Marriage Map will show you how to reignite the love and passion even if it’s been gone for a long time.

  • The Marriage Map will teach you how to feel more connected with your partner and dissolve the anger, resentment.

  • The Marriage Map will teach you the number one secret to lead you out of the power struggle in your marriage to a new life of partnership, joy, and pleasure.…. 

The Marriage Map is a step-by-step proven system to a fulfilling romantic relationship. Healthy relationships are an important part of wellness. It is dramatically clear from research that taking care of your health means taking care of your emotional and physical well-being as well as taking care of your relationships.

We promise to lead you out of the power struggle in 
your marriage to a new life of partnership, joy and romance. 

The Marriage Map has already helped thousands of people around the world…

The Question Is, Are YOU Next?"

...if you’re tired of feeling more like roommates…than lovers, if you long for more love, more passion, deeper intimacy with your partner...but you don't know how to get there, 
then read these amazing success stories from real people just like you who struggled 
in their relationship, until they sought out help...

Stewart & Debra's Story

They described themselves as a “highly functioning” team …but they felt like roommates.


With the kids two careers, and everything else going on, Stewart and Debra were just not making any time for their marriage.


“I’ve finally been able to tell him things that are on my mind…I always felt like it was a burden, to tell him anything…and now I feel like I can do that. 

And there’s non pressure of having to defend myself, explain myself - we’re able to just hear each other.”


“I feel like we went from a place that was cold, and business like to a place that is - more playful, more respectful, more appreciative, more cooperative..it’s more loving.”

Ryan & Tina's Story

Searching that out with the exercises, builds a lot of that deep, DEEP, trust - that you WANT to have. But you don’t just come by it naturally. You have to search it out and explore it and learn how to have that trust."


Ryan & Tina had been dating each other for 4 years, and had recently moved in together. They wanted to start their relationship on the right path, and make sure that they were not bringing previous feelings and issues to the relationship.


“I think having some concrete strategies, simple but concrete strategies to follow…Being able to share and ASK for things…to me it’s very difficult to ask for anything.”


“If we’re not able to be open and vulnerable with each other, who on earth CAN we be - and if we’re not, are we really genuine with each other…



Shelly & Nathan's Story

Shelley & Nathan had been married for 14 years, and felt they had done pretty good but were ready to go to another level in their relationship - but they didn’t know how to to it on their own.


“We knew there was something deeper, but we didn’t know how to get to that ourselves…I think people just muddle through, and they’re not necessarily happy, but we know that we love each other so much that we wanted to have a happier life - to go to another level.”


“We understand a little bit more about where the other one is coming from.

It has never been one of my best suits, to communicate…

It was easy to see the tools working…to see that the communication was working - and I was very comfortable doing this.”

I definitely fee like we’re closer together. There’s more playfulness and more open communication, about deeper feelings that - even after 14 years - had to come out.

The tools that we were given we’ll definitely be using from now on, on a daily basis.”

Jack & Janine's Story

"I think that we were both pleasantly surprised at how well, and how successful it is and how much better we feel - we really were surprised.”


It’s just so EASY. And it has such an effect -so, why wouldn’t you do this??"

"It’s always about communication, I mean what you’re REALLY feeling and things like that, that you’re afraid to say it sometimes.


When you're married…communication is the big thing…and sometimes we don’t deliver it correctly, and so it’s mis-interpreted, or it’s misunderstood.


And then, if we don’t explain further - then it gets buried under the rug. And then it gets bigger, and bigger…and that creates distance in a couple."


"I have to admit that I’m hesitant for all of it, it’s just that you do it - because it’s a good idea. Everyone has a little fear…I know I’m not someone who likes to share my innermost feelings - but when it’s necessary, then yes - because you find that it really works.


 It’s important that you do - because when you don’t…you create distance when you don’t make things clear.”

Kelsey & Dan's Story

Kelsey and Dan are engaged, they are co-parenting a daughter that Kelsey has from a previous marriage. In navigating the co-parenting relationship they hit some roadblocks, and communication has been an issue. 


This was an opportunity for them to work out how to best navigate that experience together - to support their daughter and themselves with a family that was really cohesive.


“I wasn’t sure how to ask for what I wanted from him, and I didn’t understand what he needed form me - we had conflict often, and I couldn’t figure out why.”


“It just doesn’t seem like our perspective is the same…I mean we sit through the same movie and feel completely different about it…”

“I love Kelsey and I would never want to change her - but in communication with each other, it often felt like that’s exactly what I was asking her to do. And now we have the tools to see each others point of view. it’s been really amazing.”


“The skills that you learn are so concrete, so specific…simple skills that you can apply immediately.”

What's Inside This Book....?

How To Transform Your Marriage From Ordeal And Conflict, to Passion and Adventure.

  • How to get a deeper level of intimacy, even if it’s been dead for a long time.

  •  How to get your partner to treat you the way you want to be treated without being demanding or controlling.

  •  How to inspire your partner to WANT to do things for you...

  •  3 secrets to deeper intimacy without years of psychotherapy or marriage counseling.

  •  The ONE thing never to do when you want your partner’s respect and attention.

  •  Why arguing NEVER leads to more intimacy and what to do about it.

  •  Make requests of each other that grow your relationship in the direction of your dreams.

  • Stop anger instantly, turn frustration into a win and negotiate respectfully. 

  • Share your deepest needs with each other so that your wounds are comforted, not aggravated.

  • Stay connected even through predictable crisis points, aware that a woman's journey is different from a man's.

The Marriage Map is a rich and sophisticated presentation of the stages of individual development and how it impacts married life. The three practical keys teach essential skills for married life.   



Dr. Daniel G. Amen, M.D

#1 New York Times Bestselling Author

Empowering read! About time for a book written from experience by Barbara and Michael Grossman about what it takes to have a mutually reciprocal loving relationship for years that continues to bring joy, love and friendship to both. Practical how to's that work. If you want this for you, get and read this book.

Terry Cole-Whittaker

#1 New York Times Bestselling Author

The Marriage Map is a road map for creating and maintaining a healthy, enduring, and still romantic relationship … nicely balanced so that its readers can identify with the wife, the husband, or both. The authors` advice is practical, funny, and wise.

Stanley Krippner Ph.D


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The Marriage Map Has Already Helped Countless People Across The Country...

The Question Is, Are YOU Next?

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    Dr. Michael is an expert in bio-identical hormone replacement and staying youthful. He is the author of The Vitality Connection: 10 Practical Ways to Optimize Health and Reverse the Aging Process. He believes staying youthful involves bio-identical hormone replacement, regular exercise, good nutrition and healthy romantic relationships.


    Dr. Barbara is a PhD marriage counselor with over 60,000 hours of counseling. Drs. Michael & Barbara are the authors of The Marriage Map: Three Keys to a Fulfilling Romantic Partnership. For over 25 years they have taught thousands of couples practical skills to create a fulfilling romantic partnership. They have TV appearances on CBS, NBC, Fox, and CW. 

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